Theme Management

Depending on your Shopify plan, you will have a maximum limit of 20 themes (Basic, Shopify, Advanced) or 100 themes (Shopify Plus).

As you create and run theme tests, you may reach your theme limit, and need to remove themes. Here are some best practices on how to safely manage themes for your Online Store.

Create a backup

Before removing a theme from your Online Store, ensure you have a backup. Either duplicate the theme in Shopify, or download a ZIP file of your theme that you can reupload later. If you are at your theme limit, you will need to download the backup.

Ensure active theme tests have ended, and are no longer live on your website

Before removing a theme from your store, it is important to ensure that any active theme tests using that theme are no longer live in Shoplift. You will also want to ensure that they are no longer live on your website. Shoplift tests usually end instantly, but occasionally there can be slight delays that will end the test on your website a few minutes after ending the test in Shoplift.

It is important to end your theme tests in Shoplift prior to deleting any themes. Otherwise, your website visitors may be redirected to the deleted theme, which will present them with an error on your store.

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