Shopify Markets

Many merchants sell internationally with Shopify Markets. Shoplift is fully compatible with Shopify Markets, but there are some things to consider when running tests. We'll run through each below.

Redirecting markets and URLs

With Shopify Markets, merchants can redirect website visitors based on location to different domains, subdomains, and regional or language-based URL paths.

For example, for a US-based store with markets-based storefront customizations for Canadian visitors:

  • Domain redirects would redirect visitors from to

  • Subdomain redirects would redirect visitors from to

  • Region and language URL path redirects would redirect visitors from to

Since Shoplift tests are based on Shopify themes, if your various markets have the same storefront with the same theme, Shoplift tests will run on your markets redirects without any issues.

FAQ: How do I isolate my A/B test to specific markets?

If you want to isolate your test to a specific market, you can use our geo-targeted audiences feature to ensure your test only runs on visitors from a specific country or group of countries. Our audiences feature is available to Advanced and Pro plans. To learn more about this feature, see Custom Audiences (UTMs, Referring Domains, and Geo-Targeting).

Markets contexts (context templates)

In addition to markets redirects, the Shopify Theme Editor allows merchants to make contextual customizations to theme templates for each market.

For example, a US-based store could change the copy, imagery, or layout on their homepage for Canadian visitors. Upon making these customizations, Shopify will create a context template in your theme, where the customizations are stored.

If your store leverages context templates, please be aware that due to Shopify limitations, Shoplift is unable to recreate the contextual customizations on variant templates that are duplicated for testing, and contextual changes will need to be recreated on the duplicated variant.

If you use markets contexts on your templates, ensure you recreate the contextual customizations on template tests that use duplicated variants. Otherwise your test variant will not display the regional customizations that have been made on your original.

To learn more about Shopify Markets and context templates, reference their official documentation.

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