Heatmapping Tools

Using heatmapping tools like Hotjar is a great method to more deeply understand the behavior of shoppers on test variants.

Running heatmaps on your test variants is straightforward to set up, and can be performed by targeting the URL(s) for your tested templates and filtering for the query parameter of the variant template.

Target your variant URL(s)

Using your heatmapping tool of choice, create a new heatmap that is targeted at the URL (or group of URLs) assigned to the variant template you are testing.

Filter for your variant template

Select "contains" as the operator logic, and enter the view=[template-suffix] URL parameter. If you are unsure of which suffix corresponds to your test, you can look at your test variant in Shoplift. The suffix of the variant will be the variant title in either the Test Draft screen or the Test Report screen.

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