Edit Your Variant

Shoplift is the first A/B testing platform built specifically for Shopify, and the tight integration between the two platforms allows you to create a variant directly from the Shopify Editor.

If you are new to using the Shopify Theme Editor, you can get a quick overview by reading this official guide from Shopify.

Edit in Shopify

After duplicating or selecting your variant, you can click "Edit in Shopify" to open the Shopify Theme Editor, which allows you to make direct edits to your template or theme. The Theme Editor automatically opens to your variant template or theme, so you don't need to worry about accidentally editing a live page on your website.

If you want to double-check that what you're editing is in fact your variant template or theme, you can confirm by simply looking at the template name presented in the sections sidebar (on the left) in the Theme Editor, or at the theme name above it. The name will match the variant name on the right side of the test draft page in the Shoplift app.

Please be aware if you are editing a live variant template (a template assigned to live pages on your store), your edits will immediately affect your live site. If you are editing an unassigned variant template, your edits will not be live until you launch your test.

Save your edits

When you are finished editing your variant in the Shopify Editor, click 'Save.' Once your changes are saved, you can close the Shopify Editor tab in your browser and return to the Shoplift app to review your test before launching. Your variant previews on the test draft will update to reflect your latest changes.

Always make sure you have saved your latest edits in Shopify before launching a test. Launching a test without saving your edits will result in your live site not representing the changes that were intended.

FAQ: Why do my edits show up on my original and variant previews?

If making edits in Shopify affected your original template, you likely made theme-level edits to your variant. You should revert these edits and set up a new test by clicking "Test a theme or global element."

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