CDNs and Edge Delivery

Does Shoplift work with CDN, caching, and edge delivery platforms?

If you use platforms that leverage caching technologies to improve site speed or page performance, it is important that you update the cache frequently when running tests with Shoplift.

When launching, pausing, or ending tests, Shoplift will update make updates to the code that is served to visitors. If the previous code is cached, then your tests could incur delays in launching, pausing, or ending.

Important note on caching solutions when running theme tests

It is particularly important to update your caching solution when ending theme tests. As development themes are often excluded from caching, there is potential for desynchronization between rendered Shoplift scripts on your live and unpublished themes if the live theme is not also updated.

This can result in redirect loops between themes, since the Shoplift script on the development theme (not cached) will return visitors to the live theme, on which the Shoplift script (cached) will attempt to return visitors back to the development theme because of their tested visitor status.

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