What Is Lift Assist™?

Lift Assist™ overview

Lift Assist™ is Shoplift's recommendation engine which dynamically provides theme sections to extend your store's functionality and give you the tools you need to run powerful tests otherwise not capable with your theme.

When you select a Lift Assist™ recommendation and specify the template that you would like to test, Shoplift will create a variant by duplicating your template and injecting the corresponding Lift Assist™ theme section into the duplicate.

Branding and design automations

By default, theme sections provided by Lift Assist™ use your Brand Styles (editable from the Brand Styles section within Shoplift), which help ensure that your tests remain on-brand and save you time on design, so you can focus on the core concepts or strategy of the test you are conducting. For more information on Brand Styles, see Importing your Brand Styles.

Robust and highly-customizable theme sections

Lift Assist™ theme sections have been designed to provide maximal customization options, and once you deploy the section via a recommendation, that section is available for reuse on all templates relating to the section.

If you need help conducting tests with Shoplift, our support team is always available to assist. Reach out from within the app using the live chat widget in the bottom right of the screen, or email help@shoplift.ai to get in touch.

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