Web Pixel

Shoplift Web Pixel (server-side event tracking)

When you install Shoplift, a web pixel will automatically be installed on your store using Shopify's Web Pixel API, which is the officially supported method of accessing customer events throughout the customer journey.

For all tests conducted on Shoplift, we leverage server-side customer events provided by Shopify through the Web Pixel API, including pageview, cart, checkout, and order events. This ensures that the data we receive is completely accurate and inline with what's happening on your store.

Server-side tracking of customer events also means that we aren't loading any unnecessary javascript into your shoppers' browsers, so tests have a near-zero impact on website performance.

Customer events and personal identifiable information

Web pixel permissions are bundled in with Shopify's broader Customer Events. When installing Shoplift, you may notice that Shoplift is requesting permissions to sensitive customer data and personal identifiable information (PII), including emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

While Shopify's permission handling bundles event information together with PII, Shoplift never collects or stores this information. All customer data that Shoplift collects is anonymous event data and delivered via Shopify's Web Pixel API only.

For more information about how we handle customer data, see Privacy.

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