Subscription Plans

How billing works

Billing for all Shoplift plans is conducted directly through Shopify, and charges occur on a 30-day billing cycle as part of Shopify's subscription billing period. As you're invoiced every 30 days for your Shopify subscription, you'll see Shoplift App monthly charges included. From Shopify admin billing, you can view which app subscriptions have recurring charges.

To see the full details of each subscription tier, visit our pricing page.

14-day free trial

All plans come with a 14-day free trial, during which you can run as many tests as you like and explore the various features that Shoplift has to offer.

As different plans on Shoplift offer different features, you can freely upgrade and downgrade your plan during a trial period to try out the features available to each plan.

When the trial period ends, you'll be enrolled in whichever plan you are actively trialing, and you will be charged for the first billing cycle on that plan. You can cancel the free trial at any time by uninstalling the app from your Shopify store.

Plans and pricing

All plans come with a combination of features and usage (total website visitors). For each tier of features, the price is higher for larger stores and lower for smaller stores. This allows our plans and pricing to be flexible for different merchants at different stages and scales of business.

For a full breakdown of our different plans and pricing, click here.

Annual plans

All plans come with the option of paying annually, rather than monthly, and include significant savings.

Custom plans

For larger merchants, we also offer custom plans. We'll work with you to find the combination of features and usage that fits your business needs. For inquiries regarding custom plans, reach out to

Upgrading and downgrading your plan

At any time during an active billing cycle you can upgrade or downgrade your plan. Upgrades and downgrades can occur at the plan level (for example, adding more features by moving from the Core plan to the Advanced plan) or usage level (for example, increasing the visitor limit on your Core plan from 50k to 100k).

Upgrades occur immediately, and any payments toward your previous plan will automatically apply to your new plan. You'll be prorated the difference for the remaining time left in that 30-day billing cycle.

Downgrades are deferred to the next billing cycle. This means that if you downgrade your plan in the middle of the month, you can continue to enjoy the features and usage of your current plan until the next billing cycle, when the downgrade will go into effect.

Usage limits and overage

When you exceed the usage limit on your plan, Shoplift will temporarily pause your active tests and prevent new tests from being launched until the overage is resolved.

Usage counts are automatically reset at the outset of each 30-day billing cycle, at which point existing tests can be resumed and new tests can be launched. If you do not want to wait until the beginning of a new billing period, you can upgrade your plan to the next usage threshold to resume testing immediately.

Cancelling your Shoplift subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time by uninstalling the app. For information on how to uninstall the app from your store, see Uninstalling Shoplift.

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