Guide: Testing Different Template Types

Can I test two different template types against each other?

Yes! In addition to two similar template types (i.e. product template vs. product template), you can run "cross-template" tests in Shoplift (i.e. product template vs. landing page template).

This is most typically used for page builder workflows. For example, you might've built a template to test against a product or collection template, but the template you want to test is not a product or collection template.

For a full list of which page builder apps work with Shoplift, see Page Builder Apps.

How to run a cross-template test

To run a cross-template test, select your original template as you would for any other test. Then, click "Select" to open the variant template drawer and use the tabs at the top to navigate to your desired variant template.

Any template will be able to be selected as your variant template as long as it is assigned to a resource in Shopify (a page, product, collection, blog, or blog post) and has only one resource assigned. The variant template must have a singular, pre-specified URL to which it'll send visitors in your test.

FAQ: Why must variants of different template types be assigned to only one page?

If you were to select a variant template assigned to multiple URLs (i.e. pages, products, collections, etc.), there would be no specific page defined to send your visitors to. For example, if a variant was assigned to multiple products, Shoplift would not have a product to send visitors to.

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