Brand Styles

When you'd like to test Shoplift-created sections or blocks powered by Lift Assist™ on your site, you'll be prompted to set up your Brand Styles first. Shoplift will pull in your brand styles from your theme automatically, scanning your store for the most used patterns of colors and fonts. These patterns in your Brand Styles will be used to format these sections and blocks powered by Lift Assist™.

Editing Brand Styles

When creating tests powered by Lift Assist™, we'll use your Brand Styles as a starting point. This saves you the headache of worrying about smaller design details so you can focus on the new copy, creative, or layouts that you want to test.

Once your brand styles are automatically imported, you'll want to review everything to make sure it looks right - you can click on "edit styles" to make any adjustments. Brand Styles focus on three key areas: fonts, colors, and patterns.


Shoplift allocates your fonts into four categories: Title, Body, Label, and Button.

Like most Shopify themes, Shoplift sections and blocks will use these fonts to create beautiful shopping experiences while keeping things simple. If any of the fonts we pulled from your theme are incorrectly categorized, you can change or update them at any time.


In addition to fonts, Shoplift will also pull in the colors you use on your website that you can use to define your patterns and deploy Shoplift sections or blocks. To add a color to your Brand Styles, enter the hex code for the color you want to add and click the "+". You can have up to 10 colors.


Like most Shopify themes, Shoplift sections organize your brand styles into preset design combinations, called patterns, to save you time when working with new templates, sections, or blocks in the Theme Editor. Shoplift patterns are organized into three types - Content, Product, and Highlight.

When deploying Shoplift sections, each section will use a specific pattern type by default that best suits the purpose of the section:

  • Content patterns: styles content-driven sections on your store, like hero and press sections.

  • Product patterns: styles product & collection focused sections on your store, like product details and featured collections.

  • Highlight patterns: styles high-contrast, action-oriented sections on your store, like announcement bars and call-to-actions.

Patterns ensure that when a new section is deployed on your theme, it will match your brand and be automatically optimized. You can always change the styles of a specific section you are working on from within the Shopify Theme Editor if you want to depart from these optimized defaults.

You can edit your Brand Styles at any time from the Settings section of the app.

Updating Brand Styles over time

Please note that due to the way Shopify handles section configurations on templates, you should always make at least one edit to a Lift Assist™ section and "save" within the Shopify Editor. This will ensure that if you change your Brand Styles later on, the styles on your Lift Assist™ sections will not change until you first review them and update the styles yourself.

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