Pausing and Resuming Tests

For any active test, you can choose to pause your test at any time and resume it later on.

This is particularly handy, for example, if you noticed that you made a mistake when editing your test variant and need to correct it, but don't want to set up a brand new test from scratch.

If you pause a test, visitors to your website will immediately stop seeing the tested experiences. Data collection will also pause, and paused periods of time will be represented in performance over time charts on the test report page with plots for when a test was paused, when it was resumed, and if it was paused and resumed in the same day.

Days plotted in the performance over time chart during which a test was paused will be represented with a "partial data" tag in the tooltip when hovering over that point on the chart.

While we would always recommend starting a new test if you plan on making changes to your tested variants (because changes can invalidated your collected data), you can always determine for yourself when a test should be re-run.

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