Template Management

As you run template tests in Shoplift, you may notice that your theme is accruing a large number of templates that were created for the purposes of testing in the past.

As Shopify themes have a limit of 1000 templates, it's a good idea to periodically run through your theme and remove any templates that are no longer needed, are outdated, or were used in tests in the past that are no longer relevant.

How can I clean up the templates in my theme?

To clean up templates in your theme, you can open the Shopify Code Editor for a given theme and remove them one by one.

To open up the Code Editor, navigate to Online Store > Themes from the Shopify Admin. Find the theme that you want to clean up, and click the "More" dropdown. Click "Edit Code". This will open up the Code Editor.

In the left sidebar, there will be a number of folders, one of which is titled "Templates". To remove a template from your theme that is no longer needed, simply click the template, and then click the trash icon next to the name.

Deleting templates from your theme is an advanced workflow that is high-risk and can have irreparable consequences on your store if done incorrectly. Only delete templates you are absolutely certain are not required by pages on your store.

Prior to deleting any templates on your live theme, it is recommended that you create a backup of your theme by duplicating it in Shopify, or by downloading the theme file.

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