Theme Compatibility

What themes are compatible with theme tests?

As with template tests, all Shopify themes are compatible with our theme testing feature out-of-the-box.

Shoplift says my theme is missing templates - what does this mean?

When setting up theme tests, you may occasionally see a theme in your library disabled for selection, with a tooltip that mentions "This theme is missing templates that are currently used by your products, collections, and pages."

If you see this message, it means that your store resources (your products, collections, pages, blogs, and blog posts) are "assigned" to a template in your live theme that does not exist in the unpublished theme you are viewing in Shoplift.

We've implemented a handy "See missing templates" feature which will list out the templates that your store configuration requires, so you can add them to your unpublished theme.

Step 1: To copy the missing templates into your theme, navigate to Themes in the Shopify Admin, and open up the code editor for your live theme. Locate the required template in your live theme, write down the name of the template, and copy the entirety of the code.

Step 2: Then open up the code editor in your unpublished theme and click "Add template" (located in the templates directory). Select the type of template you are missing (for example, a product template) and provide the name you wrote down in Step 1. Create the template, and replace the entirety of the generated code with the code you copied in Step 1.

Step 3: Hit "Save", and return to Shoplift. Click "Recheck theme". If you have copied all of the required templates to your unpublished theme, you will now be able to select the theme for a theme test.

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